Online Driver's Education

Prepare for your DMV written test

Especially for teenagers, it is crucial to understand all of the rules of the road before beginning your behind-the-wheel education. 

Our DMV-certified online driver's education course will prepare you for the DMV written test and fulfill your permit requirements.

Upon completion of the course, you will be mailed a Certificate of Completion, which you must present along with other documentation to be able to test for your permit.

Along with a study of the DMV California Driver's Handbook, the student will be able to understand all rules of driving in California, and will be prepared to demonstrate this on the written test.

Format of the course

The Online Driver's Education course is a collection of informative modules and content, describing the rules of driving and how to interpret signs and signals found on the road. After every module, you will be quizzed on what you have learned, and at the end, you must pass a final exam. Your results will be emailed to our office, and we will issue and mail your Certificate as quickly as possible.

For $29.95, the online driver's course is extremely affordable. Follow the button below to register and purchase the course, and embark on your driver's education journey today.

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