Renting our Cars

Use our licensed and top-tier vehicles for your DMV behind-the-wheel test.

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American Champions Driving School is extremely proud of our fleet of vehicles. We operate in Chevrolet Impalas (all of them are white and have our school name on them), and our vehicles are periodically inspected and certified to comply with all regulations. All of our cars are extremely safe to drive, and are maintained to the highest standards of operation and vehicle function.

All of our cars contain dual controls as well, meaning that there is a brake pedal and gas pedal on both the driver's and passenger's side of the vehicle. This is done to ensure safety of both the student and the driver during lessons.

Students often like to rent the same car that they used for their behind-the-wheel training to use for their DMV test. This makes sense - it is recommended for students to test in a car that they are comfortable in. 

Our cars are available for drivers to use for the DMV behind-the-wheel test - our instructors are available to accompany you to the DMV, and will bring the car to you to test in.

The price to use our vehicles $155 - an extremely affordable rate for our quality vehicles and services. Click the button below to rent one of our cars today, and be sure to contact us to confirm your booking date and time.

Rent a car