Six-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Package

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Our most popular package for new drivers. This package meets DMV standards for the required formal driver's education course (for teenagers), and is the most comprehensive and affordable defensive driving course that you can find in the region.

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Eight-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Package

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The optimal package for new drivers looking for an extra practice session with our qualified instructors.

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10-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Package

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An exceptional lesson package for new drivers who want a little more practice behind-the-wheel. Practice makes perfect!

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20-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Package

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The ultimate behind-the-wheel package - recommended for drivers with little experience looking for additional instruction in preparation for the DMV driver's test.

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Our Behind The Wheel Course

Teenagers are required by law to take a behind the wheel training course with a driving school, actually the permit will not be valid till it is activated by a driving instructor licensed by California DMV.

The behind the wheel driving course must be for six hours, we divide the six hours into three lessons, each lesson is two hours.

We come to your address, either home or school, to pick you for the lesson and drop you off at the end of the lesson at your address.

Most of the times we start the student from scratch, we take you to a parking lot to start you off, and after the student spend some time driving in the parking lot, the time varies depending on their previous experience and how fast they pick the lessons, we take the student to the streets to drive, first in low traffic conditions and then we progressively proceed to normal driving.

The first lesson is usually about driving in city streets, and the second lesson if the student hasn't driven on the freeway with their family, we take them for a 40 minutes drive on the freeway. The last lesson is dedicated to preparing the student for their behind the wheel driving test. 

To prepare the student for the behind the wheel driving exam, we go over the test and explain what they need to know.

During behind the wheel training we cover all the skill the student needs to know to be a safe and courteous driver.

The behind the wheel lessons taken with us are reasonably priced and in fact they are the cheapest in town.