Behind-the-Wheel Lessons

The Process


We operate in accordance with DMV rules and regulations. For adults and teenagers, you must already have obtained your driving permit from the DMV after passing a written test. For teenagers, this also entails completion of a online driver's education course, which we also offer.

Contact Us and Book

Contact our management by call, text, or email. Our employees are more than happy to assist you. Choose what dates, time, and pickup locations are most convenient for you, and we will confirm your booking. It's that easy! We accept payment in a number of forms (debit, cash, check, or online through PayPal), and guarantee the most affordable rates in the region.

All contact information can be found on the 'Contact Us' page.

Learn with Us

For our two-hour long lessons, our instructors will meet you at the predetermined location in one of our school's cars (all of our cars are dual controlled). The student becomes the driver and the lesson begins. The instructor will be there to support the student and guide them to maneuver a variety of driving situations and become an experienced and safe driver.

What do we teach during our lessons?

All of our behind-the-wheel lessons meet and exceed DMV standards. We not only ensure that the student understands the basics of defensive driving, we equip them with the tools needed to drive smartly and be able to analyze all driving situations and continue to drive safely with consideration for themselves and other drivers on the road. 

In our instruction, we enforce a number of necessary skills, including, but not limited to:

- Understanding the controls and features in any car and knowing how to manipulate them

- Scanning the surroundings and the road for any potential hazards

- Smooth turning and signalling

- Braking and accelerating smoothly

- Navigating intersections

- Understanding road signs, lights, and signals

- Understanding right-of-way rules

- Changing lanes

- Driving on the freeway

- Learning to drive in high-speed, high-traffic situations

- Sharing the road with pedestrians and bikers

- Driving attentively and eliminating distractions

- Developing safety habits such as putting on seat-belt, checking mirrors and lights, etc.

We guarantee that after our instruction, even the most inexperienced of drivers will be equipped to drive safely and defensively in all situations on California roads.

Behind-the-Wheel Packages for Teenagers and Adults


Lessons for Teenagers

Click here to view the behind-the-wheel lessons we offer for teenage drivers.

Lessons for Teenagers
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Lessons for Adults

Click here to view the behind-the-wheel lessons we offer for adult drivers.

Lessons for Adults